By Ganpat Singh Rathore

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology revolution, with its wide spread applications across all industry verticals. AR has grown to become synonymous with innovation and is possibly the face of all future technologies. For those who are still new to the concept of Augmented Reality or those who are baffled as to how this technology has taken the world by storm, in a nutshell this is what AR is: Augmented Reality is a seamless blend of the physical real world and the virtual world. A dimension where the physical real world environment is coupled with virtual elements to provide information and enhance viewer engagement.

AR has grown from being a cumbersome technology solution that was hardware extensive in nature to being transformed into a slick, portable, smartphone platform. Today, AR can be used on your smartphone by simply using your phone camera. Many IT veteran companies like Prisma Global Limited and other individual technology freelancers are developing Augmented Reality Mobile Applications that are winning attentions of people around the globe. 

Augmented Reality solutions on smartphones have a strong impact on engaging users and this very potential is being tapped by industry giants from all verticals to increase consumer engagement. Real Estate companies are marketing their projects via print ads or brochures and then using the AR mobile app platform to engage users by showing 3D renders/models of their projects, 3D flat layouts, High Quality exclusive videos, etc. Automobile giants are using the technology for employee training purposes, inventory tracking mechanisms and marketing purposes. 

Augmented Reality

The scalability model for Augmented Reality is immense and thus with every passing year the size of the AR market is increasing by leaps and bounds. From real estate to automobiles to manufacturing to service to tourism to healthcare, every industry domain can use AR as a powerful tool to train, educate and impart vital information to their target audience or employees through an effective medium. 

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