Law enforcement needs improvement

 Artificial Intelligence in justice

Law enforcement is an ongoing factor in today’s world, and traditional enforcement systems and peacekeeping facilities need up-to-date enhancements which can greatly assist them in better performing their duties. Implementation of more advanced technologies will also ease the burden on all the justice and peacekeeping facilities and institutions.

Applying AI in justice with Prisma AI

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age tool that is highly utilitarian in today’s world. It can be used and applied to a variety of things today in order to boost their relevance and improve them to match the standards of today. Prisma AI has innovated highly appropriate solutions to assist law enforcement and justice to better perform their duties and also ease their burden by making some tasks automated or trivial, and adding advanced functionalities to certain outdated functions:

Criminal Record Detection

A sub-system of facial recognition which smartly and automatically detects and recognizes any individual with an existing criminal record or a ban from any place. Upon detection, it sends an alert to the requisite authorities.

Evidence Inventory Management

This smart system will track and maintain a record of evidence that is stored in the evidence room and allow evidence to be digitally displayed at the time of need. this also acts against any pilferage/sabotaging of evidence and keeps it safe through biometric authentication until it is authorized for removal.

Biometric Jail Locks

These biometric-based locks for jail cells will ensure more security and ensure only verified authorities can access jail cells. this eliminates the need for basic keys to open/close jail cells. This also acts as a foolproof safeguard against any jailbreaks.

Biometric Jail Locks

The future of law enforcement in the present

Law enforcement and peacekeeping is always relevant and will need consistent improvements to its infrastructure and functioning in order to keep up with a rapidly technologically advancing world. Artificial intelligence will be one of the more powerful factors, amongst others, in helping in these advancements and upgrades. The future is not far when mostly AI powered machines will patrol the streets to enforce the law, and AI-powered vehicles will be the transport medium for policemen to patrol and even transport crooks to holding cells.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Law enforcement

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