Business after the pandemic

After the devastating pandemic which hit around the globe, the global economy and state of businesses as a whole have greatly suffered. Small businesses had to shut down entirely, while larger businesses and corporates have suffered great losses due to halted flow of production.

After the lockdown was lifted, most businesses were back to normal and production has remained constant, but the economy is still catching up to make up for the losses suffered. Many are adopting newer technologies and solutions as well, to help In catching up and improving quality.

Business after the pandemic

The solution is artificial intelligence

One of the top and most effective ways of improving businesses and upgrading them is through the application of artificial intelligence in business. AI in business and corporates can be used and applied in a variety of manners, such as in formulation of new technologies to assist businesses and even in improvements or updates of traditional processes.

Prisma AI has developed a variety of AI based solutions and services that can assist all types of businesses. Some solutions include, but are not limited to:

solution is artificial intelligence

Smart Access Surveillance Systems

This system grants access to employees and visitors only once they are properly facially scanned and records are matched with those saved online.

Smart parking management system

An automated smart parking management system will trivialize the parking process, making it far easier for visitors and employees to get parking spaces quickly and efficiently.

Contactless elevator

An entirely contactless elevator solution that is operated by voice and face that allows users to reach the floor they desire without making contact with the panel.

Enforcement of covid safety norms

Automated thermal temperature detectors can scan any visitors and employees as they enter the premises, ensuring temperatures are normal before granting entry, to safeguard against the spread of infection.

These are all just few of the solutions that can be offered to improve and enhance the functioning of businesses.

The future of business with AI

Artificial intelligence has a vast scope in improving and upgrading businesses with its applications. All businesses can benefit from increased productivity from AI. From AI assistance in tasks to complete automation, AI can be utilized. Prisma AI is continuing to innovate to provide newer, better solutions for many domains.

future of business with AI

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