Re-inventing Image capture and Recognition using Artificial Intelligence With Prisma AI

Artificial Intelligence solutions are on the rise with the increasing reliance on technology today. More and more solutions are being innovated which are helping in improving as well as automating older tasks. Tasks or processes that utilize or scan images are in need of an upgrade or feature that could help in these processes.

Image recognition using Artificial Intelligence

The Solution with Image Recognition

Image recognition is the technology that is a solution to automating and enhancing most image-related processes and making them much more trivial. Image recognition helps in matching any logo of any brand or such, to provide instant information all about it. It can also help in matching any link to the article or website it is linking to. Additionally, it can help in identifying the various elements in any image, such as people, animals, objects etc.

Being able to recognize elements In images is a boon, as it can help In finding lost items, people, or pets, and tracing them back to the point of origin. Suspicious individuals can be detected in any image and reported as well.

Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Applications of Image Recognition

Image recognition is becoming increasingly imperative. Its applications provide great value to many industries such as healthcare, object detection and more:

Face-scanning for analyzing any still image of a face and deriving the mood, expression and other elements.

Object scanning to recognize any dangerous objects picked up in images and report them.

Medical Image analysis to help in analysis of computer made images or scans of a patient, to help diagnose their conditions.

There are great benefits to this technology:

  • Tasks related to image scanning can be completely automated, saving manpower
  • Lost items and belongings can be detected and traced back to their owners easily, by also analyzing the location.
  • Brands and information about them and their services can be easily acquired at any moment by merely scanning the logo or image provided by the brand.
  • Images and elements of importance within them can be detected at high quality, using image smoothing, augmentation, and brightness control features.

Artificial Intelligence, Going Ahead

With the gradual increase in availability of technology and means to implement and upgrade it for convenience, there will be no shortage in innovative solutions in the coming years. Many newer technologies will surface gradually with their own niches and uses, and fill roles in replacing older processes with newer ones that will make quality of life easier.

Applications of Image Recognition

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