What Artificial Intelligence Has Taught Us

The prevalence of artificial intelligence in most corners of the world today, and the obsolescence of traditional methods and processes that were employed before the revolutionary break-through known as AI, we have learned a lot from the old world, applying new technologies to old ones, leading to an instillment of new life into traditional or outdated processes. AI being a technology that learns on its own, is also teaching us many things on a daily basis.

The Many Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is such a vast technological innovation that it can be applied in a nearly endless number of ways. Almost everything can be improved or modified to some degree or capacity with the help of artificial intelligence. Some applications can include:

Automation of machinery

Many machines or devices can be either completely or partly automated by enhancing them with the application of AI, which will learn on its own and automate machinery.

Automation of access

Many access-related processes such as tickets, scanners of any kind, readers, gates, can all be automated once trained to recognize faces or tickets.

Voice activated automation

New methods and processes can be invented that incorporate AI and are entirely voice activated, that will work autonomously to complete the process assigned to them.

AI-based chatbots

Autonomous self-learning chatbots or machines that can give answers for any question from a customer or student, aiding them and eliminating the need for physical labor.

 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Today’s World

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Today’s World

Aside from the few applications mentioned above, AI yet has great potential with it’s possible uses in the present and coming future. AI-based vehicles are already a thing, with many more similar innovations on the way. There is not much of a limit to the actual scope of AI applications, but it can be said that it has a bright future in today’s technology-focused world.

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