Authenticating The Right Way Using Prisma’s AI based solution

Financial security is one such topic that is taken seriously by all. Everyone wants to be secure with their funds, especially in an era where cybercrimes and financial frauds are very apparent. Hence there is a glaring need for systems or safeguards against possible theft or account hacks. Hence, most financial systems today are always equipped with Two-factored authentication or such similar systems to add security to transactions. However, even these systems are lacking at times, necessitating the need for something more.

financial security With Artificial Intelligence

The Tool You Need

For true financial security, Prisma AI has developed a financial authentication system, which essentially works by enhancing the two-factored authentication system, adding a facial verification requirement on top of the system. This system therefore requires a two-factored authentication by showing one’s face for proper verification before allowing transactions at any ATM, point of sale terminal, UPI system and others.’

 financial authentication system

This system is very useful in the finance industry due to the following reasons:

  • The system is easy to implement, and works automatically
  • This adds a proper layer of security, which cannot be bypassed
  • Remote authentication of payments is possible, allowing owners of bank accounts to approve payments remotely.
  • The system effectively secures accounts, increasing trust and promoting goodwill

Financing in the future

There are many technologies coming up for enhancing financial security, each capable in their own unique way. As we head into a more technology-reliant future it has become increasingly important to financially secure ourselves as much as possible, as with improvements in technology, there will also come new venues for cybercrime or attacks on accounts.

financial security

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