The Need for AI Solutions In Highways

The highways all around the world could use upgrades and enhancements to their existing infrastructure, which can greatly bolster the road safety and allow greater convenience to travelers and commuters. The current highway system is getting rapidly outdated with the ever-increasing amounts of traffic on highways, and the fact that most road safety laws are outright ignored. Hence, there is a need for improvements to highways.

Smarter Highways Using  AI Technology

Prisma AI’s Smart Solutions for Highways

Prisma AI has developed a wide range of solutions for the purpose of aiding highway networks all around the world. Prisma’s own patented algorithm, Gryphos, makes these solutions possible. The following solutions work to create an automated and advanced highway management system:

  • Face-as-a-ticket for easy passage through toll gates as having faces scanned will deduct the toll amount from the person’s account
  • Automatic number plate recognition which can scan and store the license plate numbers, saving them which helps in tracking down rule breakers.
  • Lane-cutting detection Which reports drivers who cut lanes unnecessarily in traffic
  • Blind spot coverage which can cover the blind spots of highway surveillance cameras
  • Red signal Violation detection that reports cars that break red signals
  • Accidents and broken-down cars can be detected so that assistance may be sent

These solutions from prisma can truly automate and enhance the current highway infrastructure, adding convenience and enforcing safety and security on the roads.

The Future of Highways with AI

Artificial Intelligence can go a long way to enhancing the quality of highways, and various other sectors. The power of artificial intelligence as a tool is such that it greatly enhances anything that it is applied to, as well as creating new applications and products that are automated with machine learning. Prisma AI continues to innovate and develop solutions with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Future of Highways with AI

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