An Expression Speaks For Itself

An expression conveys a lot of things, no matter how big or small, and can be the key to understanding the true motives or feelings of any person. The sentiments and expressions conveyed by individuals are key to providing the best service to any person. Sectors that employ or rely on customer service are numerous in number, including but not limited to; retail, e-commerce, hospitality, fine-dining and many more. These are sectors that greatly benefit and also survive from their customers and could be greatly helped by technology that could help them understand their customers better

Sentiment Analysis and How it Helps

Sentiment Analysis Using AI Technology

Sentiment analysis is a technology, which uses machine learning and image sharpening engines as well as training of understanding what different expressions of individuals mean, and then detecting the learned expressions, recording and storing them so that it may be used for various purposes. It has its own benefits that help in gaining a better understanding of how people behave and how they uniquely react to any situation. In this case, sentiment analysis is gauging the reactions and sentiments of customers or guests after they receive a service. Therefore, sentiment analysis can be utilized by sectors such as retail, e-commerce, hospitality and many more, which rely on customer ratings to sustain themselves.

Therefore, Sentiment Analysis can be useful in a number of ways:

Customer service for improvement of the quality of services provided to customers, utilizing customer complaints and grievances effectively to improve their own service quality and correct areas of error.

Business development by recording the expressions and sentiments expressed by customers when receiving a service or product or when exiting an outlet, which records sentiments expressed towards any specific product or service and helps in innovations.

Psychological Understanding by observing sentiments and expressions displayed by a variety of customers, guests and visitors, to understand what satisfies them and what angers/displeased them, which can help in fields or sectors where it is highly important to understand the basic psychology of human beings, including why they react the way they react.

Hence, Sentiment analysis is a highly useful technology that works in an automated manner to detect and store the sentiments expressed by people, greatly aiding in understanding people.

AI Technology

Approaching the near future

With advanced engines such as sentiment analysis, which accurately deduce what an individual is expressing, now available and being applied in today’s world, the future is not far away, where more similarly advanced technologies and engines will be available that will even be able to analyze the walking pattern of people to deduce their destination.

Future of AI

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