Upgrade Hospitality industry with Artificial Intelligence

Hospitality is an industry which runs on the power of its customers and strives to improve its services so more customers may come along and further add to the lifeline of the hospitality industry. However, hospitality is also subject to many changes, and upgrades which are possible with the integration of technology to it. Artificial intelligence is one such tool that improves the experience of guests and also provides safety and security.

AI In Hospitality Industry

Enhancing customer experience with AI Solutions offered by Prisma

Artificial intelligence can help in the improvement of services provided by hospitality, in a variety of ways. Better service will always translate to more customer attraction, which will add more goodwill to any hotel or resort. Some of these artificial intelligence applications are as follows:

  • Thermal Temperature Detectors which work as automated machines for temperature scanning of visitors, staff, and guests as they enter eliminating the need to manually scan each person while still maintaining covid safety protocols.
  • Smart Parking Management which can eliminate the grievance of guests having to manually find parking spaces, by automating the parking system.
  • Contactless Elevators which are automated elevators, and add maximum convenience to guests as they no longer have to press any buttons to reach the floor they want, as their faces will be scanned to take them to the floor their room belongs to, or by them simply speaking the name of the floor they want to be at.
  • Object recognition which helps in tracking down any lost objects or personal belongings of any customers, and also identifying and reporting any dangerous objects.
  • Smart visitor front desk which is essentially a fully automated reception area where guests can communicate entirely with a virtual assistant, eliminating the need for any physical contact.
  • Body Behavioral analysis for helping detect individuals who have a physical disability and provide assistance to them

Additionally, security surveillance systems can improve security in and around the hotel or resort premises, while AI engines can be used to survey kitchens as well, ensuring proper hygiene is being maintained by cooking staff:

 Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Hairnets being worn properly when around meals.
  • No dusting shoulders when close to open meals
  • No pilferage of liquor or food
  • Proper gloves etc. being worn around food

Hospitality for the future

Hospitality is a sector with many improvements possible that can work to improve the overall quality of service provided to all guests and visitors. Improved security can make guests feel more secure about their stays, object detection can help in finding lost items or belongings, and a smart front desk can improve reception for all guests and make management easier. There are many incoming technologies that can further help in bringing improvement to the field of hospitality, bringing greater convenience to guests, and creating a greater appeal.

Hospitality for the future with AI

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