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All examinations, including those for government positions, have taken a dramatic turn due to the pandemic situation, with a transformation to the online format. As most students and candidates have gone back to their homes and would not be able to physically appear for examinations or interviews, the format has changed to a remote, online format. However, proctoring online examinations using artificial intelligence can solve the problem of cheating and proxies.

Proctoring Online Exams Using Artificial Intelligence

Government examinations are like entrance examinations, but for government positions. Earlier, candidates applying for government positions had to give physical examinations amongst lakhs of other candidates. This also led to tons of hassle as the examiners would then have to correct lakhs of papers, and then shortlist the best candidates among them, a process that is far easier said than done. However due to the pandemic the format has turned into an online interview where the best candidates are observed and then evaluated. However, this too, is a ginormous task as there would be no accurate way for online proctoring, and most candidates would manipulate the system. However, Prismaai has found a way to apply AI to create an effective proctoring system. That way is through the application of AI to the existing proctored examination system.

AI-based remote proctoring in exams can solve the existing flaws and avoid any compromise with the security, experience, convenience and feasibility of examiners or interviewers and candidates. This system of proctoring will ensure candidates do not indulge in cheating or proxies during interviews.

But what is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring is the process of authorizing, authenticating, invigilating and controlling the online examination or interview process in an efficient manner. It is a technology that allows examinations or interviews to be enabled anywhere and anytime, ensuring full security standards. In other words, candidates don’t need to come to a specific place as they can give the interview from their homes. This proctoring can be conducted using the web camera or in-built cameras in the candidates’ personal computers. The system will monitor candidates from start to end during the interview.

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How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to online examinations and interviews

Prismaai has created a suite of solutions that can revolutionize the online examination and interview system for government examinations.

The candidate appearing for the interview will be first facially scanned by a facial recognition analysis system to ensure, it is in fact the same candidate by matching their credentials saved online. Only then will the candidate be allowed to access and enter the interview.

An AI-based camera will use body behavioural analysis and sentiment analyzing engines to observe candidates during the examinations and interviews which will detect and report suspicious behavior and expressions, disappearance of candidates etc. and report them. It will also suspend the examination if multiple strikes are detected from the candidate.

A smart assessment system will use prismaai’s optical character recognition system to verify and correct the answer sheet by using a correct answer sheet online for reference. This would greatly reduce the workload of examiners, as they would not have to cross reference and correct lakhs of candidates’ answer sheets and pick out the best ones.

How Artificial Intelligence can be applied to online examinations and interviews

An online portal will work automatedly, only starting the exam at the set time, and record entry, exit times, exam start and finish times and save them.24-7 universal learning access will help candidates in faraway locations to continue learning from

anywhere in the world, at their comfort, while also allowing them to give their exams remotely.

This suite of solutions is easy to apply and would make government examinations easy to access for all students aspiring for the government positions and also safer, as well as making life easier for examiners with ai proctoring through automated surveillance and record keeping systems, as it would be highly unfeasible to manually correct lakhs of papers and pick out prospective candidates from among them.


Prismaai’s online proctoring and other solutions will improve the online examination procedure and entice more prospective candidates into applying for the positions with its wide range of easy-to-use solutions. With Remote Proctoring, examinations will not be delayed or called off amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, application of AI can provide benefits such as scalability, rapid workflows, high accuracy, and assessment integrity.

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