The Need For Automated Temperature Detection

The pandemic that is still present all over and around our lives demands greater improvements and innovations in healthcare and pandemic safety measures. There is a greater need for safety measures and guidelines to be followed now, as we need to prevent more waves from coming and changing the way of life again. For mass scanning of temperatures, thermal temperature detectors are the best bet to scan multiple people at one time for temperatures.

Thermal Temperature Detectors

Prisma AI’s solution for thermal temperature

Prisma AI has developed a mass thermal temperature scanning system which works as a tool to scan large masses of people at a time, allowing crowds of people to be scanned at a time when entering or exiting any place. This works by painting an infrared-based thermal image of individuals which with the help of color gradients shows the temperature of a person. Green means normal, while red means high temperature. Individuals with high or abnormal temperature are then caught and checked for covid infection. This is an effective way to filter out potential covid infectees before allowing them entry into any crowded, public place where there are greater chances of the infection spreading and reaching more people by proxy. In our current world, it is especially important to keep safeguards and try our best to prevent the spread of covid. The best ways of preventing the spread, and enforcing safety are by embracing technology and innovation, which are the key to a safer future.

This technology has many benefits, especially in the following sectors:

  • Corporates so that employees and visitors can be scanned for temperatures right before entry
  • Aviation for mass scanning of passengers and airport staff before entry
  • Events as these are places of large gatherings, and would greatly benefit from being able to scan large crowds of people at a time
  • Healthcare to prevent spread of infection at hospitals by denying access to individuals with high temperature

Automated temperature scanning can free up manpower to be concentrated in areas where It could be better utilized.

Safety in The Future

As we head further into the future, technology is going to play a larger role in healthcare and safety. Technology and innovation will always go hand in hand to develop greater and more advanced hardware and technology to combat future pandemics and cure almost any status a person is suffering from. Prisma AI is one such company that is consistently innovating and developing such technologies, such as the thermal temperature detector and many more to come.

thermal temperature scanning system

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