What is image recognition?

Image recognition is a technology that uses image enhancing algorithms capable of identifying places, people, objects and many other types of elements within an image, and drawing conclusions from them by analyzing them. It is highly useful in tracking lost objects, identifying people and tracking them, and identifying a location easily.

Image recognition thereby has many uses and applications, making it a sought after technology. However, most creators and providers of the technology have not perfected it, with it being faulty or less reliable. After all, coding and machine learning are not easy tasks to get right. It is a highly trial & error based process.

What is image recognition
identify and recognize images

How does image recognition work?

Image recognition is based on deep-learning. Deep-learning, a subcategory of machine learning refers to a set of automatic learning techniques and technologies based on artificial neural networks.

For these neural networks to recognize one or more concepts in an image, it is necessary to first train them by first collecting a set of visual data for it to be constituted to serve as a basis for training.

This dataset then needs to be annotated, i.e. your model needs to be told whether or not the element you are looking for is present on an image, as well as its location.

Once the entire dataset has been annotated by you, it is possible to move on with training, where the neural network must be taught to recognize a concept by showing it many different examples.

The final goal is to train the algorithm so that it can make predictions after analyzing an image.

How does image recognition work

Uses of image recognition

While most image recognition technologies may not be accurate with results, prisma ai has developed a reliable image recognition system, that uses feature scaling, image augmentation and smoothing technology

to enable automation of a specific task. Prisma’s software can accurately identify and recognize images of interest, even against impaired images.

Uses of image recognition

This software can have a variety of applications, such as in airports where it is essential to track lost baggage or track down a suspicious person.

The software can learn automatically and track as well as classify objects, people and locations.

The effective application of this technology can greatly trivialize tasks that require detection or spotting of elements in images.

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