By Aishwarya Menon

The Current Scenario…

March 2020. A deadly disease rears its ugly head and threatens to destroy the world order, an order with which we had become all too familiar. “Don’t forget to wear the mask”, “Wash your hands with soap for a good ten minutes!”, these have all become common catchphrases which one could hear in every corner of the world. People from all walks of life have reeled under the impact of the Corona virus. Businesses, big and small have struggled to come to terms with a new reality dictated by the ever-spreading virus. Indeed, the Corona virus has spared no one.

The Burning Question!

But what does this imply for big organizations and corporate firms, with multitudes of employees in different roles? How to resume business in such times where the very thought of stepping out of the home terrifies people? How to assure employees of their safety and get them to offices just as before?

As one begins to ponder the various solutions to these questions, it becomes increasingly clear that technology in its various forms, could be one way out for humanity. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cloud based technologies etc. could provide the answers to so many of the burning questions we have in mind.

Artificial Intelligence in Pandemic

The answer lies in using current tech like AI, Deep Learning…

One particular field of innovation that strikes as being extremely relevant in these troubled times is that of Visual AI and its various applications; Be it security for home or for the work place, be it converting the existing systems into a contactless and more efficient form or reviving certain hard hit sectors, AI  has a plethora of solutions to offer and what makes it so unique is the customizability, which is a much needed feature for different enterprises/individuals with different needs in the times of the pandemic.

For instance, finger print scanning for access control at the work place could be a cause of concern for many of the employees who commute long distances to their workplace and could thus be exposed to risky elements. In such a case iris scan and facial biometrics come into picture and exponentially increase the safety factor as they just require you to look into the camera and within a few seconds, it grants you access based on the camera scans. A simple yet extremely effective solution to reduce collective touch points in an office environment.

The same solution can also be deployed in other important institutions like banks, ATM booths etc. which receive many footfalls in a day, with multiple people touching the sensory devices to be granted access control and thus could turn out to be hubs spreading the virus among the general public.

Every public place we visit, be it the cinema hall, the work place, the grocery store, the shopping mall etc. have security personnel checking your temperature with those temperature guns aimed right at you. But what about the danger posed to the staff if a visitor turned out to be a carrier of the virus? In this case, Thermal temperature sensory devices could serve to reduce human to human contact.

Artificial intelligence (AI) to track the epidemic

Embracing technology for a better tomorrow…

Day by day, more and more contactless solutions are emerging in the market, with the aim of catering to the needs of every type of customer, no matter how varied their needs or expectations are. By embracing the latest offerings of tech, we are just ensuring to make small but sure steps towards carving out a new normal where everyone feels safe to travel, work and live happily. On a positive note, Covid-19, despite the disruption and death it has left in its wake, might just transform our society for the better.

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