What Indian Rail Transport Needs?

The rail transport system in India can benefit in many ways, from more advanced technologies that are available today. Local Indian railways are lagging behind the local railway systems of other countries, which are far more advanced in many ways, such as speed, convenience, crowd control etc. Indian railways have many glaring problems, such as overcrowding, low safety, and more.

Artificial Intelligence for Indian Railways

Prisma’s Artificial Intelligence can enhance railways

India’s local railway system can benefit greatly from the application of artificial intelligence to it’s processes. Various AI-powered engines can be used for the making of solutions that can benefit the railways as a whole. Some potential applications are:    

  • Detect people who are straying on railway tracks using Body behavioral analysis which can be used for implementation of a system to detect people who are straying on railway tracks
  • Tracking unattended bags with the help of object detection engines which can help in tracking down lost baggage or report unattended baggage for safety and security purposes.
  • Railway track defect detection using infrared cameras which will use object detection to detect any objects like rocks, animals, trees and other debris on the road.

These are just a sample of the possible solutions that can be applied to railways, with many more being possible as newer technologies are made available and current railways are acted upon.

AI for Indian Railways

Looking at the future of rail transport

Railways are a mode of transport well used by the majority of the Indian population, due to its high speed and economical convenience. There is, however, no doubt that they are in need of some strict improvements to their functioning and overall system, as they are lagging behind the local railways of most other countries. Artificial Intelligence can pave the way ahead for railway, improving them greatly, and adding new, state-of-the-art functions to them, especially with all the newer technologies coming up.

Indian Railways and AI

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