Good health is important

After a global pandemic took the world by storm, health became a far more important matter. It became far more important to keep ourselves hygienic, avoid contact and generally keep our health at top condition, in order to avoid contracting the virus.

It was also encouraged to stay home entirely, and eat home cooked food to avoid eating from outside, also resulting in no contact being made. The pandemic was a wake up call for not only citizens, but also for the healthcare infrastructure as a whole, which needs to be upgraded to a new level in order to tackle the various issues coming in today due to the pandemic.

Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence

Prisma AI’s look at healthcare

Prisma AI has a suite of solutions which have applications in healthcare, which can greatly assist in maintaining health and wellbeing at various places especially at public gathering, where it would be needed most. Some of the solutions developed are:


A wireless, portable device that diagnose any patient in a remote location, and relay their status to doctors, for assistance. This helps in the event that a medical facility is not immediately available nearby.

Thermal temperature detector

A device which scans visitors as they enter the premises to ensure their temperatures are regular, and reports any irregularities.

Crowd analytics.

This analytical system keeps a count of individuals in the premises to keep the capacity to a safe limit, as well as observing them to ensure distance is maintained.

Contactless elevator

Contactless elevators will take passengers to the floor they want without needing to touch the panel, therefore removing possibility of contact with the germs on an elevator panel, by the use of voice and face activated elevators.

These are some of the solutions Prisma offers to revolutionize and upgrade the healthcare industry, with many more such innovations that can further enhance healthcare.

AI is advancing healthcare

The future of healthcare

Healthcare is a prominent and vast sector, which has become increasingly more important today with the emphasis that has been placed on health due to the pandemic. AI applications can go a long way to make healthcare as contactless, safe and up to date as possible. Not just AI, but many newer innovations can enhance and improve healthcare in the years to come.

future advancements in artificial intelligence

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