Gryphos : An Advent In AI Technology

Artificial intelligence solutions are the new normal for today’s technology-oriented world. AI is a leading technology with the power to greatly enhance or revamp existing technologies and breathe new life into them, usually by automating them with AI machine learning and letting them learn on their own, or in other ways which integrate AI for improvements.

The Platform You Need: Gryphos

Gryphos is a visual interface platform with active AI-based machine learning algorithms conceived and developed by prisma AI. It is a platform that works seamlessly by matching visual interfaces, such as image and video, to deliver precise results in real-time.

Gryphos_visual interface platform

This platform can be utilized to provide solutions for a variety of domains:

Prisma AI’s patented visual recognition technology can help in recognition and verification, using engines such as face, video, object, and image recognition. The gryphos platform engine is comprised of the following components which assist it in its processes:

Identification And Recognition

Body Behavioral Analysis, Object, Video & Image, Facial Access, Logo, Sentiment Analysis, OCR, and Biometrics. (e.g., identifying all the luggage in a video)

Indexing & Analysis:

Machine Learning differentiates various objects in any video or photo frame (e.g., identifying the targeted lost luggage)

Decision-science for consumers:

This Platform enables real-time action on any ‘alerts’ (e.g., sending a video clip to nearest security agent).

Trust in technology

With the advent of new technologies, it is becoming increasingly more important to trust in technology as it is carrying our world today in most aspects. Machines and technology are necessary in today’s world as they are the new backbone of evolution, everything is reliant on technology in some manner. Prisma’s platform is a technology that can be trusted and utilized for proper development of new technologies.

AI Technologgies

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