From Touch To Contactless Using AI Technology

Most devices and services have moved from requiring touch to work to a contactless, and in some cases, even wireless format. This is in the advent of the current global pandemic which has not only encouraged but also necessitated the need to make as little contact as possible with surfaces, in order to reduce the probability of contracting any virus-carrying germs and keep healthy and safe.

Going Wireless with Artificial Intelligence

The Solutions With Prisma AI

Prisma AI has developed a variety of wireless and contactless solutions, keeping in mind the need to make as little contact as possible, while also offering convenience with being wireless.


Med-i-box is a wireless, contactless device that allows diagnosing patients at any remote location in the event that a medical facility is not available nearby. This helps in maintaining social distancing amongst patients and doctors, while relaying the medical status of any patient.

Thermal Temperature Detector

This system scans the temperature of every individual in a mass that enters any premises, right from the entrance, to ensure the required temperature is present in every individual and reporting any abnormalities.

Smart Front Desk

This is an unstaffed/virtual reception area which uses audio or visual communications between the lobby and the host. This takes away from the traditional reception/front desk system where there was face-to-face contact between a receptionist and guest or visitor, allowing safety during communication.

AI Smart front desk

Contactless Elevator

This solution allows a completely contactless alternative to operating any elevator, allowing a user to reach any floor they want with the use of voice or face recognition.

The future of no-contact

Going ahead, most solutions and devices used in the current world will have a wireless or contactless counterpart. The reasoning is the convenience wireless offers, and the safety of being contactless. Artificial intelligence will play a big role in enabling these technologies, but the possibilities do not end there. Aside from AI there can be many ways to enable these technologies, with the rapid advancements taking place today.

Artificial intelligence

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