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Our world today is highly technology-dominated and constantly evolving and changing. We are always face to face with newer technologies and innovations, and on the forefront of these technologies is Artificial Intelligence. AI has and will continue to be the base through which new, smart technologies are being discovered and implemented. One such technology is Facial recognition.

Facial Recognition using AI

Facial recognition has a wide reach

Facial recognition is a technology which promotes convenience and ease of access. Today, facial recognition is a highly utilized and reliable technology that is used every day, from unlocking our phones, entering a premises, going through customs and immigration, and much more.

Prisma AI’s Facial recognition technology has solid and highly useful applications in many fields, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare with Patient Identification and facilitating mental therapy.
  • Retail allowing checkout-free payment by scanning customers’ faces for payments, as well as security purposes to catch thieves.
  • Education for campus security and automated attendance records.
  • Banking & finance for customer verification via face scans and running card-less atm transactions by merely face scanning.
Facial recognition Application

Facial recognition has many wide-spanning benefits

  • Enhanced security, with FR based solutions helping in identifying suspicious behavior and catching known criminals by identifying their records via face scans.
  • Faster customer service by replacing traditional authentication procedures with facial recognition, and thereby making clients of any businesses better access the facilities they offer.
  • Improved accessibility and convenience, especially for people who are visually impaired, who only need their face scanned instead of typing pins.

Facing the coming future

The coming future will be highly influenced by these technologies, as they will play an important part in shaping it. Facial recognition will play a pivotal role in the formulation of more face scan-based solutions. Not only this, but many more technologies are incoming with varied applications in many domains. Suffice to say, facial recognition and many more similar artificial intelligence-based technologies are going to have a concrete spot in the world for years to come.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

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