Traditional education systems are outdated

Education has now as a whole been upgraded to an online format, with the emphasis now being placed on online education to allow safety to students while they study from the comfort of their homes. However now as things are getting back to normal, the system needs improvements if students are going to get back to schools and colleges to study, and also to the online format if it still being continued.

Education and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can enhance education

The application of artificial intelligence can enhance the experience and quality of education, helping in increasing student’s interest their studies and other extracurricular activities. while also making it safer and fun for students to learn and grow amongst their peers. Luckily, Prisma AI has developed solutions keeping in mind the needs of the education sector:

24-7 data management system

Prisma’s solution allows learning material and content such as modules, PPTs, online lessons and lectures to be accessible for students anytime and at any corner of the world, allowing students to learn at their own pace without even incurring the high costs of traveling and living expenses. A one-stop solution to keep all your study data and access it from anywhere. A well managed Data Management system.

AI-based assignment grading

Grading by AI systems that have been taught to scan the answer sheets to compare and correct answer papers with the right ones allows automated assignment grading thereby greatly reducing the time spent by teachers to correct tons of assignments. Vision-based AI software will help to increase your work accuracy with in evaluating papers.

Facial recognition-based attendance

Students will be granted attendance for classes or exams only upon successful face matching, preventing any proxies from attending while also safeguarding identities better.

Facial recognition-based attendance

These are just some of the many solutions that Prisma AI offers that can switch up and improve the education sector, while also making it safe and garnering increased interest from students.

Future-proofing education for the next generations

Education is one such sector with a lot of possibilities for its improvement in the coming generations. Artificial intelligence can greatly improve the education sector in a variety of ways, but there are more ways that can further improve the education sector, that would not be limited to just artificial intelligence applications. As knowledge increases, so will the knowledge about improving the education sector with newer innovations.

Artificial intelligence and Education Sector

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