Improvement of defense with AI

Defense is a sector which can benefit from Artificial Intelligence in a variety of ways. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, so do the possible solutions that can help in improvement of defense. As an important sector which is prevalent in every country, it always needs more improvements and additions to function better.

ArtificiaI Intelligence for Defence

Prisma’s solution for defence

Prisma AI has developed several solutions for the improvement of defense, specifically at borders and customs, which can improve the quality of security and add convenience for security staff and border patrols. The following are some of the solutions that Prisma has developed for defense and security:

  • Monitoring of border perimeters to ensure no individuals are suspiciously wandering around or creaing trouble
  • Tracking suspicious objects to report any unattended and potentially dangerous objects that have been left near borders, security checkpoints and customs.
  • Access Surveillance at entry and exit points, as well as at restricted areas so that only authorized individuals with the appropriate clearance level can enter and exit, and report any unauthorized individuals trying the same.
  • Night Surveillance for high quality surveillance at nighttime to ensure security against threats
  • Vehicle Verification At Checkpoints to allow verification of vehicle nameplates via OCR to ensure the vehicles are from the country they are trying to cross, and not vehicles that are restricted/dangerous.
  • Fire emergency alerts to report any fires, explosions or such that takes place around border fences

These are just some of the possibilities, with many more prospective solutions based on the advancement of technology.

The Future Of Defence With AI

Defense is a field with many possibilities pertaining to it’s upgrades and improvements, directly tied to the evolution of technology, which is highly prevalant in today’s world. Artificial intelligence is an evolving field with constant innovations, which gives it potential to upgrade anything it is applied to, as well as create new technologies.

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