Improving Front Desk Operations Using AI

In any sector around the world, be it corporates, education, manufacturing and especially hospitality, one of the most, or maybe even the most important factor is customers. The customer is the king and what every sector relies on. Therefore, creating goodwill is important, and so is creating a good reception for them. While the current way of receiving people at front desks is in no way bad, there is still a need for a better system that possibly also incorporates safety measures keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic.

Automated Receptions With Artificial Intelligence

Smart Front Desks

The solution that works for this requirement is Prisma AI smart front desk system. This is essentially a front desk that works as an automated reception desk, receiving all visitors, guests, candidates, deliveries and more, by means of a video display which connects the visitor and the receptionist from a remote location, eliminating need for any kind of physical contact. This makes the process of reception a smooth and automated process while also effectively managing visitors and creating goodwill.

Smart Visitor Front Desk

This system is highly useful for the following domains:

  • Hospitality for better service to guests that come to hotels and resorts
  • Corporates for better reception to job candidates
  • Education for the best front desk assistance to students coming for admissions
  • Finance for the best customer service and assistance to both old and new customers seeking to open accounts.
  • Events to give guidance and assistance to all visitors and fans that attend

Reception for the future

There are many ways to improve front desk services, with automating them being an effective solution. But there are many more ways for bringing improvements that can coincidentally also affect the sectors where a good reception is most important. With the advent of newer technologies, the possibilities are also endless, to improve the existing front desk system.

Automated Receptions With Artificial Intelligence

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