As with the other technological solutions being built today, each with their own niche and use, such as facial recognition for security and access, there are more solutions cropping up which fill further requirements. One such requirement is deducing body movements and understanding what they are trying to convey, including suspicious individuals for security purposes.

Analyzing Body Behavior With Artificial Intelligence

Keeping this requirement in mind,  a solution has been appropriately developed by Prisma AI: Body Behavioral Analysis. This technology is a tool that uses gesture analysis, body joint predictions and feature scaling to accurately predict what movement a person is making, be it running, walking, crouching, fallen, and many more. This technology has a variety of uses, with many potential future applications as well:

  • Providing assistance to elderly people, walking with crutches or pregnant women
  • Reporting suspicious behavior to catch any would-be troublemakers or suspects
  • Employee evaluation to understand the behavior of an employee or worker and whether they are working or loitering around, which can help in individual performance evaluations
Prisma AI: Body Behavioral Analysis

This technology is applicable in the following sectors, in order to improve services, help in security purposes, and many more potential applications:

  • Aviation
  • Hospitality
  • Events
  • Law & Order
  • Corporates
  • Manufacturing

Welcoming New Technologies

As with these newer technologies like body behavioral analysis, object detection and others, more are coming in with their own uses for different aspects of life, which need their own technological advancements to keep up with rapid innovations of today.

New Technology Artificial Intelligence

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