The issues with crosswalks

In day-to-day commutes, we are all pedestrians crossing roads and crossing paths with each other. We also frequently cross roads, via the use of pedestrian crosswalks which are designed for the sole purpose of allowing people to cross with safety at signals. This is a tried-and-true system serving from decades currently, but even then, there Is the issue of rulebreakers and rash drivers, who ignore safety laws and break signals, and the fact that some signals simply take way too much time to give a green light, resulting in significant waiting times for traffic as well as grievances to cross walkers.

adaptive traffic control system

signals with AI technology can assure safety

The issues mentioned here can be remedied in a few manners. Better crosswalk and signal designs, as well as the application of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize traffic signals to reduce waiting times and inconsistencies. A smart traffic light control system can adaptively change and control signals, based on proximity sensors or surveillance system that can control traffic lights upon detecting the limit of pedestrians waiting on either side of a crosswalk.

A self-learning system can work and learn from any changes in traffic patterns, and then create its own policies and management systems for it. AI can thereby learn to balance traffic well, and decrease waiting times. The system can also observe and learn from other intersections to gain more insights.

road traffic signal

The road ahead with AI

Traffic signal systems using artificial intelligence can greatly improve the whole system of crosswalks and traffic safety, but there also many more potential applications that can improve the system, separate from artificial intelligence. With the advancements in technology today, there are many possibilities that entail.

traffic signal system using artificial intelligence

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