Airports with Artificial Intelligence

Airport services, including those of ground-handling and in-flight catering can be improved and made more efficient with the application of artificial intelligence. Additionally, AI can be utilized to improve customer service and assistance on and around the floors.

SATS ltd., or just SATS is a company serving in and around Asia, being the chief ground-handling and in-flight service provider at Singapore Changi airport, while also providing gateway and food services around Asia.

SATS incorporates cutting edge AI technology in its services to ensure customers have peace of mind while traveling to and fro from one of the busiest airports in the world. Even now they continue to apply newer technologies and innovate rigorously while applying decades of experience and providing utmost safety and service standards.

How AI Helps In Airport For Better Efficiency

Prisma ai has created technologies to help in the overall functioning and service In and around the ground as well as in-flight services and customer assistance. This technology is a software process which integrates with the surveillance cameras as well as a mobile and desktop application. If the surveillance cameras would detect illegal activities, violation of guideline or rules, and any person in around the airport premises requiring any assistance. If any of these specified use cases would be detected, then it is sent to any of the members assigned with floor assistance on an app specifically designed for this purpose, upon which they can accept the assignment of resolving the case.

Supervisors and floor managers will deal with the assignments on a desktop app, where they login and assess the overall situation. They can see live use cases and then assign them to specific helpers.

Airports with Artificial Intelligence

The floor helpers can choose to accept or reject assignments based on their availability. The app contains the history of their complete/incomplete assignments and the currently live assignments. The floor helpers will be assigned tasks by supervisors once they assess the overall situation.

Smooth operations

This technology provided by prisma is based off its own patented algorithm, Gryphos, which is used as a central portal or hub to better deal with these tasks. The end result is a simplified and efficient procedure which is productive and helpful for all the individuals involved in management and operations around the Airport. Decorum is maintained with enforcement of rules and guidelines, and all customers and passengers are provided with assistance at a moment’s notice.

Airports with Artificial Intelligence

This in turn increases the goodwill and reputation of the organization. SATS provides quality services, and with the assistance of the technology provided by prisma ai, it reaches new heights of AI in-flight and assistance services.

This goes to further show that even perfected techniques and services can be further improved and even simplified with the application of Artificial intelligence in tasks. Prisma ai provided a cutting edge solution that made the lives of all-passengers and staff members far easier while being simple to use.

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