Automation Industry Without AI

Warehousing and logistics are important in many industries today, especially ones dealing with heavy parts and manufacturing such as the automation industry, which could benefit from automated processes and better functionality.

The older system is rather flawed in today’s world and needlessly makes things take longer than they should, which leads to slowed production and delivery timings, reduced efficiency, and less space for storage, and many more such issues.

 Artificial intelligence in automation industry

A total revamp with AI applications

There is a way to advance the traditional system, and that is through Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Automation and application of artificial intelligence in the older processes. Artificial intelligence is the key in today’s world to advancements of an unprecedented nature. It can greatly enhance anything it is applied to.

Prisma AI has created such solutions, which expertly incorporate artificial intelligence in even mundane, manual tasks which can greatly enhance the whole warehousing, logistical, and quality control processes in automation.

Optical character recognition for quick scans

OCR-based systems can be used for quick scanning of large pallets full of automation parts, by merely scanning the RFID tags on the pallets, greatly reducing the time that would be consumed by manually scanning pallets and the overall warehouse management system.

Object detection modules for misplaced parts

Object detection modules can scan the premises to quickly find any heavy parts or replacements that are replaced, reducing the hassle of running around.

Body behavioral analysis for monitoring

Surveillance systems that have body behavioral analysis engines can survey the warehouses to ensure workers are not abandoning their duties and loitering, or uncivil activities are not taking place.

Efficient Inventory management

Efficient logistical systems and inventory management will properly segregate and store parts that are imported, so that they can be easily picked out at the time of need, allowing efficient use of storage space.

Efficient Inventory management with Artificial Intelligence

Embracing AI today

The application of these AI-powered solutions can essentially revamp the currently outdated and traditional automation warehousing and logistics processes and systems, effectively increasing efficiency and automating the majority of them, reducing human manual labor required allowing human labor to be focused elsewhere where it will be better utilized.

Prisma AI will enhance and shape the face of The automation industry going forward, with its suite of advanced, AI-powered solutions. The implementation of artificial intelligence and automation within automation companies can raise their productivity margins to a whole new level. Embracing technological advancements will improve supply chains processing, customer satisfaction, and create a safer and healthier work environment for the workers.

Artificial Intelligence in automation industry

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