When events were fun

At a time, events were a way of gathering for large groups of people, whether for the purpose of some seminar, or some fun event such as a Comic-Con, exhibition, etc. events are a way to get together. However, the recent pandemic, which put a ban on public gatherings for a while, and the rapidly increasing demands of today’s world have not helped matters as the events management industry as a whole is struggling to keep up, and also increase the appeal of events.

Artificial Intelligence for events

Adding life back to events with Artificial Intelligence

Events can be reinvigorated with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is such a tool, that can add new life to anything outdated, and greatly increase its appeal. As events are in need of better management and some much-needed improvement to their management processes. Prisma AI has come up with solutions for events that can help alleviate the problems faced by events:

Smart management

Thermal temperature detectors and smart front desks can help manage inflow of visitors at events, automatically checking their temperature, and reporting any abnormalities. Additionally, a smart front desk helps in no contact assistance as well as necessary sanitization protocols to be carried out.

Smart parking management system

A robust automated parking system which deals with one of the most annoying issues face by attendees of any event; parking. Attendees travel long distances for hours only to be met with no parking space and other such complications. This system eliminates a common grievance of all attendees and makes the process of finding parking spaces a trivial task.

Smart parking management system with AI

Body behavioral analysis & surveillance

Body behavioral analysis engines can capably recognize the movements made by any person, and report any highly suspicious behavior from any suspicious individual. This acts as a proper security measure against any suspicious individuals in the premises.

The future of events with AI

Events as a whole have a lot of scope in the future with the applications of artificial intelligence. There are many ways to improve on the functioning and processes of events. There are many possibilities to enhance events to bring them to the current level and aid in the processes they require. Management of events can become a rather trivial task with the help of artificial intelligence.

future of events with AI

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