Upgrading Pharmacies With AI

Artificial Intelligence is capable of being applied in many fields today, with varying benefits which come with applying AI technology to existing technology as well as making new innovations. Artificial intelligence is a very powerful tool capable of upgrading and enhancing everything it is applied to. One such domain which can benefit from the application is Pharmaceuticals.

Prisma AI Artificial Intelligence Solutions For The Pharmaceutical Industry

How Prisma AI Can Help Pharmacies

Luckily, Prisma AI has come up with a variety of AI-based solutions to aid pharmaceuticals with their functioning, each of which can greatly enhance and automate the functions in and around pharmacies. Take a look at what these solutions can do for pharmaceuticals:

  • Quality Control which checks all machinery involved in manufacturing for any defects and if it needs any cleaning, which allows for preventive maintenance of equipment.
  • Cleaning Inspection to monitor equipment as it is being cleaned or maintained, to ensure no spots are left, and no tampering takes place with the equipment during cleaning.
  • Track Employee Movements in and around the premises to ensure that they are at their workstations and not loitering or leaving the premises with pharma property.
  • Warehouse Management for easy sorting of packaged goods in the warehouses based on their RFID tags
  • Inspection of Packaging to ensure labels and seals are properly placed and the packaging box or material is not damaged.
Upgrading Pharmacies With AI
  • Serialization track and trace which checks all package specific serial numbers are readable and trackable.
  • Stopper position inspection which checks if the stopper has been placed properly on vials of product.

And many more solutions which make all the processes involved in and around the pharmaceuticals more effective and convenient.

Envisioning a healthier future with AI

This suite of solutions from Prisma AI can greatly affect the future of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, as they can eliminate any room for errors during the packaging and finalization of pharmaceuticals and also automate many processes, allowing manpower to be utilized in other places where it would be better utilized. Artificial intelligence applied in any domain or sector will be a great boon to that sector, with its automation capabilities.

future pharmaceutical industries with ai

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