The Mining Industry Need A Revamp

Standard mining procedures today are holding up, but are in need of dire upgrades. A Revamp to mining processes, machinery and instruments are needed in order to increase productivity in the mining sector, especially with the rampantly increasing demand for resources in today’s world. Mining is an industry with lots of capital investment, and it benefits various sectors that are dependent on minerals and ores.

Artificial Intelligence in Mining Industry

Prisma’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Correct application of artificial intelligence in mining processes can lead to a steadfast improvement in overall productivity and gains of resources from mining. AI can be applied to heavy machinery, terrain-related processes, and much more. Prisma AI has come up with a suite of solutions appropriate for the requisite enhancements needed in mining:

Predictive Maintenance

Artificial intelligence solutions with machine learning engines can effectively predict in advance when any machinery is close to breaking down due to wearing down with extended use, allowing repairs or replacements to be made quickly before any injury could happen or production is significantly slowed down due to faulty machinery.

The Solution: Artificial Intelligence

Tracking Of Transport Trucks

Geological systems enhanced with machine learning algorithms can track trucks that are transporting raw materials to and from excavation sites, giving proper transit information and ensuring shipments reach their destination on time.

Smart Sorting Of Goods

Intelligent sensor-based solutions will act as a very effective separation and sorting technology, by cleverly sorting out mining materials and ores so they can be picked out from their sorting baskets, making it far easier to access required materials and filter all resources effectively.

Detection Of Safety Equipment

In addition to acting as security surveillance, this system will properly detect if all workers are wearing the requisite issued safety equipment around sites, so as to enforce safety and security.

The Future Of Mining

Mining as a sector has many possibilities for upgradation, in the current world and the coming future. Upgrades will be possible with either application of artificial intelligence, a dominant factor in today’s world, or other upcoming technologies. As mining is an industry of high demand and importance it will stay relevant and will need many upgrades to keep up in today’s technology heavy world.

Artificial Intelligence - The Future Of Mining

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