Technology To Improve Traffic Laws

Technologies today are ever-evolving, but some habits have stayed the same. Even with today’s advancements in technology for sectors such as hospitality, education, infrastructure, and more, transport and highways are being ignored, or rather, commuters are taking traffic and speeding laws way too leniently. Rules are blatantly ignored; drivers are reckless, and it is difficult to apprehend speeding rulebreakers.

Speed Violation Detection
Reckless Speeding

The Role of AI in enforcing the law

This brings us to how this problem can be rectified: through the application of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. AI can be utilized to identify speeding vehicles or any vehicles breaking the law, in a simple and effective manner i.e., through their license plates. License or number plates hold all the requisite details about the owner of the vehicle, allowing them to be tracked down easily.

But how might this happen?

With the use of Prisma AI’s latest innovation, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (A.N.P.R). This system incorporates Optical Character Recognition (O.C.R.) in it, allowing the special characters that make up a license plate number to be easily scanned and recognized, then saved in a database for later perusal.

This system is accurate, easy to install and use, and fulfills its purpose of scanning license plates of any rule-breakers of the road. And yes, it can accurately capture the license plates of vehicles even at high speeds, and high clarity. If commuters are detected violating the speed limit, committing road rash, running a red light, changing lanes or otherwise being a nuisance for others on the highways or freeways, this system captures their number plate, regardless of the speed they go on.  Authorities can then be dispatched accordingly to deal with these rule-breakers once their identities are confirmed.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
AI based License plate detection

No more reckless speeding

With the application of A.N.P.R to the highway, freeway,  and street cameras, the road rules and laws will be better maintained, as rash drivers’ license plates will be picked up and reported, discouraging commuters from attempting rash driving, lest they be caught and subjected to fines as applicable.

Prisma AI’s Number plate recognition system will truly help in enforcing traffic laws and safety on the road.

Speed Violation Detection

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