Bringing Improvements To The System With AI

Online examinations have become the new go-to ever since the global pandemic arrived 2 years ago. As most places of large public gatherings were shut down, including colleges and schools, the situation necessitated the need to switch to online education and examination formats. Platforms and technologies had to be developed keeping in mind the need for online formats. However, even with the current implementations, there is still room for more additions and improvements, all which can be made possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Online Exams

Prisma Artificial Intelligence Solutions Can Revolutionize Online Exams

Prisma AI has come up with a host of solutions that can be implemented to the existing online format of exams to bring great improvements to the online format of examinations. Some of these proposed solutions are below:

  • Automated matching of a candidates’ face when they attempt entry to the exam portal
  • Body Behavioral Analysis which helps in estimating the physical actions performed by candidates during examinations, such as one hand being out of view, or looking down for an extended period of time.
  • Detection of any camera or footage tampering while monitoring candidates during the exam.
  • Alerts if candidates have disappeared from their seat.
  • Alert if a candidate’s video feed turns off repeatedly.
Prisma's Artificial Intelligence

These are just some examples of the solutions that Prisma can provide which can supplement the existing online examination procedures to add more convenience and functionality and aid in automating invigilation of candidates during an online exam.

Planning Ahead With Online Education

Online education is a wide prospect with a range of possibilities limited only by the technology of our time. With rapidly advancing technologies, there is always room for more improvements that can further enhance the scene of education as a whole, either by automation of more processes or more additions.

Planning Ahead With Online Education

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