What Art Venues Need

Art is something appreciated by set communities of people, as not all people appreciate art. However, for the few that do, there are several museums and galleries where many kinds of artworks can be appreciated in their entirety. These galleries and museums are however now in the need of solid improvements and upgrades, especially since we are moving into a more technological age. Artificial Intelligence is the key to upgrading these venues for a modern age.

Art Galleries & Museums

Prisma AI’s solution for museums and galleries

Prisma AI has developed the most appropriate and fitting solutions that can breathe new life into museums and galleries. Artificial Intelligence is the most advanced aspect of technology that can work to provide the best enhancements that are possible with technology. Prisma has worked to provide the best possible solutions for art museums and galleries:

  • Stolen art detection is a technology that utilizes video recognition technology alongside object detection technology to track down stolen art works with precision
  • Access surveillance to ensure using facial recognition that only registered personnel are entering in backroom or storage areas where artwork is stored to prevent theft
Artificial Intelligence Solutions For Art Galleries & Museums
  • Body behavioral analysis to monitor and understand the movements of people in the premises, helping in catching a person who is making suspicious movements and could potentially create a problem
  • Thermal Temperature detectors to automatically scan visitors who enter for their temperature, not requiring manual scanning of each person.
  • Automated lighting that only activates when a person comes within proximity of a painting or if personnel are staying after hours, which can help in saving of electricity.
  • Lost object detection using object detection technology to quickly locate and report any lost belongings so they may be returned to their respective owners.
  • Incident detection if a person is detected collapsed, needing medical attention, or if a fire or any such related incident takes place, then such mishaps will be detected and reported quickly to reduce any damage.
  • Smart parking system that simplifies and automates the parking process, which will eliminate all hassles associated with parking by assigning parking slots by deducing the type and size of a vehicle by scanning its license plate.

These solutions offered by prisma are key to adding quality of life and necessary improvements to art venues.

Art Of The Future

Art museums and galleries have a wide range of possibilities for improvements, which will only grow as more technologies are made available. As art venues are opening up in more locations, they are in need of more improvements and innovations to attract new patrons. Prisma AI Is working to develop and provide more state-of-the-art solutions to help not only art venues but many more sectors.

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