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AI-based Object Detection

Artificial Intelligence is something that is ever-evolving in today’s tech-heavy generation. Newer technologies are always being developed which incorporate AI to greatly increase quality of life, help in safety and security, boost entertainment, and much more.

As artificial intelligence is created with the express intention of being automated, and automating anything that it is applied to, it can be left to discern and learn on its own. One such way that AI is applied to help in security and quality of life, is object recognition.

What is object recognition?

Object recognition is a computer vision technique for identifying objects in images or videos. Object recognition is a key output of deep learning and machine learning algorithms. The purpose of object detection is to help in machine learning and teach what comes naturally to humans; the ability to easily spot elements in any video or image, such as people, vehicles, animals, objects and more. Therefore, by teaching these things, AI can learn and gain a level of understanding of what an image contains and then be able to analyze and bring out elements of an image.

So, this is the crux of what object recognition basically is. But the question is, who can readily provide it?

Applications of object recognition using deep learning

Applications of object recognition

One of the top providers of this technology is prisma AI. Prisma has created object recognition with artificial intelligence, which is used in surveillance systems and image processing, allowing the system to detect and recognize objects in images or videos, as well as their nature.

At first, the system detects the objects that is has been trained to recognize. Information about the object in question is processed and input is received. Machine learning algorithms use their derived knowledge to determine the type and nature of the object from pre-recorded data. Once the nature is determined, the algorithm decides whether to send an alert or not, depending on the nature of the object. This is how the process takes place internally.

Therefore, the system is able to detect whether an object Is harmful or docile in nature, such a bag with a bomb in it, or a harmless purse that was misplace or lost. This system sends alerts if it detects potentially harmful or hazardous objects and helps track and locate any lost items, all at high speed and accuracy, as well as clarity.

The Future scope of AI

Object Detection is just one of the applications of AI. It can be applied in a wide variety of ways, all highly utilitarian in today’s world. There can be many more applications which incorporate AI to change the face of and bring life to many outdated systems today. Prisma AI continues to strive for pragmatic Visual AI-based solutions and provide only the best of the best.

Future scope of artificial intelligence

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