Making cafes relevant again with Prisma AI Solutions

Cafes are somewhat overshadowed by restaurants, which tend to have more options, regarding dining and drinks. At best, cafes are for casual and brief seating. The small size and limited space as well as consumable options make them less appealing as a whole in comparison to fine-dining restaurants. Therefore, cafés are in need of enhancements up to date with today’s rapid advancements in technology.

Cafes With Artificial Intelligence

Where Artificial Intelligence Comes In

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age innovation with the potential to bring new life and functionality to anything outdated for today’s world. AI solutions applied in cafes can bring improve their functioning and add new possibilities, resulting in more customers being driven to cafes upon experiencing the upgraded facilities. Prisma AI has come up with many solutions to aid Cafes by enhancing their processes and adding improved functionality.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for cafe

Monitoring liquor Pilferage

A system that is capable of tracking, counting, analyzing the situation, and helps in real-time monitoring, Which will help in dealing with liquor pilferage. In this system Visual AI Cameras will keep track of the liquor glasses served and show the total count of liquor served in the end, This will help to detect if the bartenders or the workers are drinking liquor or juices which gets unaccounted for.

Interactive Tables

Interactive table is a through glass capacitive touch screen technology. This technology is used to capture actual user touch on a glass/acrylic surface. This technology offers a completely interactive experience. It has infinite possibilities for creative use, especially as a medium to deliver information to your customer, and as a source of entertainment for customers.

Tracking Count Of Dishes Served

With the smart AI cameras installed in the premises, the flow of dishes served can be monitored and the count of the products can be analyzed. This also detects if any worker is eating the dishes or any food Is unaccounted for/disappeared.

The cafes of tomorrow are here today

With high potential for upgrades with the use of artificial intelligence and more upcoming technologies, Cafes that would be a normal sight in the future have the possibility to be a common sight today. More customers will be attracted to these advanced cafes, functionality and technical processes will be much more efficient and streamlined, leading to less burden for café staff, and will bring longevity to the life of any chain of cafés.

Cafes and Artificial Intelligence

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